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Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines

In Pennsylvania, child support orders are often based on “support guidelines”. The Pennsylvania child support guidelines are a set of rules used to calculate the amount of child support that should be paid by one parent to the other, at various income levels for the family overall. The guidelines are based on the combined monthly “net income” of the parents and the number of children.

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Child Support Calculations: Income, Deductions & Formula

In Pennsylvania, net income available for support (NIAS) is the amount of income that is available to be used to calculate child support payments. NIAS is calculated by subtracting certain deductions from a person’s gross income from any source whatsoever. These deductions include:

· Federal, state, and local taxes

· Mandatory retirement contributions and union dues

Other deductions are factored into the guidelines calculation, but not necessarily deducted dollar-for-dollar from one’s income available for support. These include:

· Health insurance premiums

· Child care expenses

· Work-related expenses

The specific deductions that are allowed to be subtracted from gross income vary depending on the individual’s circumstances. For example, a self-employed parent may be able to deduct certain business expenses from their gross income. Once the deductions have been subtracted from gross income, the remaining amount is the NIAS.

Formula to Determine Child Support Obligations

The basic child support guidelines obligation is determined by using the following formula:

Basic child support obligation = (combined monthly net income) * (percentage share of the obligor)

The Pennsylvania child support guidelines are a starting point for calculating child support. The actual amount of child support that is ordered may be different from the basic child support obligation, depending on the specific circumstances of the case. The NIAS is used to calculate child support payments, but it is not the only factor that the court considers. The court also considers support paid by one parent for children from a prior relationship, factors that may cause the court to deviate from the guidelines, and other income-related information.

To understand your NIAS and how it factors into the child support guidelines calculation, it is important to speak to an experienced family law attorney who is well-versed in child support law and local practices in the county where your case takes place.

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